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Book cover design | digital graphics, photocollage | 2019 | READ MORE 🡣



During the design process I worked on several ideas for the cover, which were transforming from the initial ink drawing of the Regency Era ball scene to Jane Austen's silhouette pencil drawing in combination with other elements related to the novel. After that I worked on an illustration of a man exploring a ruined house, this time using a black sauce medium to convey the atmosphere of an abandoned place.

Finally, I came to the idea which I liked the most, because in this design I could combine the feel of elegance and destruction in one image; the ruthlessness of the senseless death of wartime and serenity of life; to show the darkness and desolation and yet the light of revival and those coming through dark times.

For this final design I collected a set of photographs with the required elements, mounted them into a digital collage, and finished the scene in sepia tones to give it the feel of time having passed.

I am very happy that this design resonated with author's vision too and hope the book will also meet its reader’s anticipation with this cover soon.

During all the process it was a big pleasure to communicate with Mr. Jones about any project details. More info about the book can be found using the links below.


If Sidney Baron thought he could relax after the success that followed the discovery of the Boleyn Gold, he was wrong. Already rushed off their feet, a chance encounter with an American antiques dealer leads him and the team to drop everything and launch a quest for a document that could challenge what the world thinks it knows about regency England’s most famous novelist. But why do things go very wrong so quickly? What happens when a false press report makes the team consider who they can really trust? Most of all who is the mysterious stranger who insists on sabotaging their every move? Sidney, Ali and Gemma are back for a new adventure in a race against time to prevent a treasure trove from being destroyed by an unknown adversary. Can they get there first? Or will the Austen Secret be lost forever?



Author and historian Richard Jones has dedicated his life to the research of shipwrecks and other historic disasters. Over 20 years of research has resulted in an extensive archive, published books and successful memorial campaigns. Mr Jones gives free talks at libraries and low cost paid talks at societies/clubs. Subjects include local history, heritage open days, history and forgotten disasters. He also has an extensive archive of shipwrecks, that can be applied to for free information (cover cost of photocopy and postage only); ideal for families of those lost at sea researching their family history as well as students conducting research. In 2018 he published his first historical novel and is to release his second, Austen Secret, later in 2019. Mr Jones is also a long serving member of the Royal Navy, completing all of his fundraising and research work around his military and family commitments.

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